Tuesday, April 11


You know the feeling right before leaving for a long vacation that there's something you forgot to pack? Of course you do. It's human nature. And the odds are you DID forget to pack something. You'll remember what it was at exactly the moment you need it.

Now imagine packing for a two year camping trip to a remote, rugged, tropical island where you'll also be expected to "look professional" when the need arises. And, oh yes, you'll have no electricity or plumbing to speak of. Imagine - you've never been there, but you need to pack for all weather conditions, all seasons, all situations that you may find yourself over the span of two years.

They provide a basic packing list, and I've done additional research into other volunteers suggestions. This is what I'm bringing. I hope it serves me well:

2 - long sleeve button down shirts
2 - short sleeve button down shirts
3 - long sleeve Tee's
5 - T-shirts
4 - Muscle T-shirts
4 - Shorts
2 - Swim Shorts
3 - Pants (light, Khaki style)
1 - Quick-dry convertible pants-to-shorts
5 - Boxers (they say most PCV's give up on underwear the first week - humidity!!)
10 - pair socks (national footwear is flip-flops so maybe these will stay white)
1 - casual shoes
1 - sneakers
1 - Amphibious hiker shoes. (these kick ass)
1- beach blanket
2 - cheap sunglasses

1 - 60gig iPod
1 - Solio Solar Charger for iPod
1- LED battery powered lantern
1 - Digital Camera w/connector for iPod storage
1 - Mini-tripod
1 - Mini-speakers for in my hut (powered by iPod)
2 - Headphones
1 - Solar battery charger (and batteries)
1 - Headlight (LED)
1 - Tiny Maglite flashlight
1 - LED flashlight - handcrank powered
2 - steel cables with looped ends for pad-locking items if needed
1- duct tape
1 - Leatherman multi-tool
1 - basic travel clock w/alarm

Living Aids:
1 - Ospry Atmos 50 Multi-day hydration backpack
1 - 100oz hydration bladder
1 - basic bookbag-type pack
1 - North Face slim hydration daypack
1 - Umbrella
1 - Raincoat
1 - Thin fleece sleep sack
1 - Pillow / sheets
1 - Mirror
1- Solar heated camp shower
4 - Very Huge zip-lock bags
50 - Small zip-lock bags

Fun Stuff:
4 - paperbacks
2 - decks of cards
6 - dice for Yhatzee
1 - Journal
1 - Map of South Pacific
1 - Map of Vanuatu
1 - Sketch pad / Pencils / Sharpener
1- Scissors
1 - box of index cards

sunblock, saline, 2-year supply contact lenses, hand sanitizer, soap, swabs, shampoo, fast-dry bath towels / hand towels, tylenol, pepto, immodium, motrin, small stash of vicodin.

A country specific first aid kit will be provided by Peace Corps, as well as mosquito netting, bug-spray and condoms (uhmmm). Cooking utensils and similar household items will be purchased on the main island during training. If I can't carry it on the small island-hoping planes then I can put it on a boat to my island and hope it shows up within the next several WEEKS (no joking).

I may also get some scuba gear before I leave. They say most everything I'll ever need is available on the main island... for a price. Most stuff is far more expensive than in the U.S. since Vanuatu needs to import just about everything. But at least I know I can get some items when absolutely needed.

In the photo the large green bag on the right is my main only luggage. I'll also stuff my backpacks as needed. The shelving unit is staying here in San Diego (in case you were wondering)


Anonymous said...

Sure doesn't look like a lot of stuff for 2 years, but, believe it or not, Brett barely made the 80# weight limit.

Anonymous said...

If you have taken ReNu with MoistureLoc - throw it away. It has been recalled - it may cause a fungus that can cause blindness.